July 17, 2024

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Important Services Offered By Your Local Real Estate Attorney

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Important Services Offered By Your Local Real Estate Attorney

Whether you are interested in residential or commercial property, there may come a time when you need legal representation. Of course, a real estate attorney will represent you in a land or housing claims; however, the experience of this professional is useful in more than just property disputes.

Divorce Settlements

The end of any marriage arrangement hurts. Sometimes there is no clear-cut answer as to what should happen with any home, land, or business properties that are registered under both parties. A lawyer can help sort out these ownership claims.

Tenant Disputes

If you are renting, a real estate attorney can determine if the lease is in accordance with the law. These lawyers have studied the rights and duties of both the tenants and the landlord. With their assistance, you can better determine if you have a right to sue because of a breach of contract. Before signing any paperwork, seeking counsel from a professional can also help you understand all of your responsibilities as a renter and the overall legality of the lease.


Frequently, lawyers specializing in property law work as consultants. While they might not work for individuals purchasing just one home, they do work with investment groups. These professionals aid in the creation and implementation of final contracts. Working with an investment group that utilizes real estate attorneys will result in a smoother, easier transaction.

Property Disputes

One of the main reasons someone would hire a real estate attorney is to help resolve a property dispute. They can help arrange a settlement or take the claim to court. During a trail, they will use evidence to build an argument that proves their client is the owner. Additionally, this lawyer may also work as the agent, helping to sell the disputed property. This is typically done at the request of the courts. The courts then distribute the profit earned from the sale. Often, the money is redirected to parties that were involved in the initial trial.


Some real estate attorneys also have broker certifications. Requirements vary between states, but typically, brokers have to display extensive knowledge of the transaction process as well as market trends. They should be strong negotiators who are up-to-date on pricing information in your region. Brokers should also be very familiar with proper contract proceedings. Finding a real estate attorney with a brokerage license will help streamline the transaction process and reduce costs.

The services of a real estate attorney are not limited to the courtroom. In fact, seeking counsel before finalizing the deal can help avoid future problems.

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