June 18, 2024

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Using a One Time Offer

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Using a One Time Offer

When you’re first staring out in a business it may be hard to get the social proof you need to convince people that you know what you’re doing, or that your products are good. This is natural because people want to know that other people like whatever it is you’re providing. There are people who will lot buy nothing from someone unless they have heard a good word from someone, or the sellers name is more recognizable.

You will have to use a little creativity to get some customers, especially in the beginning of your endeavors. Using one time offers is a great way to offer great value to potential customers and build up the credibility you need to get even more customers at better prices. Let’s talk about what one time offers can do for your business.

Why would you use a one time offer?

You can have a really great product and offer a really great service, but if people are not convinced of what you are selling them, or they just don’t trust you because you’re new then your going to struggle to make sales no matter how good the product or service is. Using a one time offer gives you the ability to prove the value of your product or service.

It is a good way to gain a good reputation with people so that they give you good word of mouth which will help you gain more business. You shouldn’t see it as selling yourself cheap, you are offering a deal designed to get that much needed social proof. Once you have the social proof you can decide if you want to keep on offering the deal.

How do you offer a one time deal?

Whatever product or service you provide will have a certain value to you, but it may not have the same value to someone else just yet. You have to make it valuable to them or convince them of the value in order to get them to take desired action. Offering a one time deal is a good way for people to get in at a lower price then what you plan on offering in the future. The people who take you up on your offer may have not bought the product or service had it not been offered at a good deal or they had not gotten the chance to try it out for a short period of time for practically nothing.

They can be used as up sells:

You can use one time special offers as up sells to people once they have already bought something from you. You may sell them something at one price and then after they’ve bought get more business out of them by convincing them the product will be so much better if they had whatever additional products or services you may want to up sell them on, or you just may want to get more business from them while their still in the buying mood.

One time deal can be a great way to build your online or offline business. Everyone loves a good deal and will have no problem taking advantage of one.

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