June 2, 2023

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Unlocking the Secrets of DUI Offense With a DUI Lawyer

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If you are facing the grim prospect of a DUI charge, you should be able to muster the strength and the proper frame of mind as things is not as bleak as you may perceive them to be. The important thing that you should remember is that you have as much equal rights and protection under existing laws as any other individual facing a criminal offense. A competent Las Vegas DUI lawyer shall be able to present to you the overall picture and give you all the possible defense options in order to protect your rights. Thus, your Las Vegas DUI attorney will be able to give you some of the interesting facts about DUI cases. You will learn some very important inside information about DUI cases once you link up with a good DUI lawyer.

Here are 6 interesting secrets that most prosecutors wished to keep from those facing DUI charges.

SECRET #1 – The DUI prosecutor would be swamped with voluminous driving offense dockets if everyone would decide to contest the DUI charge and opt for a trial. The prosecutor would have to spend all his time in court just to attend to all these DUI cases.

SECRET #2 – In most instances, the mandatory sentence for a DUI offense is so stiff that going for a full blown trial would entail minor risk. In some instances, a person who pleads guilty for the offense receives almost the same penalty as those who choose to have a court trial for their DUI case.

SECRET #3 – A legal professional would not have accepted a post with the State Prosecutor’s Office if he would just end up handling DUI cases in court. This is not what they are looking for when they accepted the job as a State Attorney.

SECRET #4 – The State Attorney comes to court not fully prepared as he has to handle a lot of other cases on top of the DUI cases that he is prosecuting. This traffic court dockets would naturally not get as much coverage and attention from him as that of a major criminal cases that he is also handling for the day. In fact, there are instances where the State Attorney even fails to review case files prior to the court hearing.

SECRET #5 – The police officer is also in the same predicament as that of the State Attorney as your DUI case is just one of the many traffic court dockets that he has to handle every single day. It is normal for a police officer to attend to an average of 15 to 20 DUI cases on top of other cases for minor traffic violations that are filed in the courts. The police officer normally have poor recollection of the facts of specific DUI cases and worse, some of them even end up mixing up the circumstances about a DUI cases.

SECRET #6 – The State Attorney doesn’t have the technical expertise as far as the science of sobriety test is concerned. The science of sobriety testing is not taught in Law School. This is an apparent chink in the State Prosecutors armor and most would not be able to properly prosecute a case where the DUI lawyer concentrates his arguments on the validity of the sobriety testing.

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