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Tucson Criminal Defense Lawyer Facts for Juvenile Offenders

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Tucson Criminal Defense Lawyer Facts for Juvenile Offenders

The following are situations in which you might need to get a lawyer when you are in Tucson, though it would be for anyone’s best interest if you do not get into such situations. But if you do need to have one, circumstances as the ones below may be enough for you to hire the services of a lawyer.

A juvenile offender

When a juvenile has committed a crime, the attorney of the county will then need to bring in a criminal type of prosecution against such a juvenile in a similar manner as when it is an adult that has committed such a crime. The age of the juvenile, either if such is seventeen, sixteen or fifteen, is irrelevant as long as the offenses fall on the following: murder in the first degree (violating sec 13-1105), murder in the second degree (violating sec 13-1104), forced sexual assault (violating sec 13-1406), robbery with arms (violating sec 13-1904), or any other offense felony that is violent.

Another situation where the above case applies when the following situations arise: a felony that is classified as class 1, a felony that is classified as class 2, a felony that is classified as class 3 that is in direct violation of any of the offense indicated through chapters 1 up until chapter 17, or chapter 23 or 19.

A felony that is classified as class 3 that is in any way violating an offense in chapters 10 up until chapter 17 or chapter 23 or 19 is also subject for a criminal prosecution.

Also included in the above charge are the following felony: class 3 up until 6. These all involve the inflicting – with intention – of an injury that is serious and at the same time physical, as well as the willful discharge or an exhibition of a weapon that is deadly and dangerous.

Another case is when an offense is committed a felony chronically and therefore is considered an offender. Another offense is one that is joined properly to another offense that is included in this particular subsection.

Another situation wherein a criminal prosecution is to be brought up to a juvenile the same way if the offender is an adult, is when the mentioned juvenile is accused of committing an offense that is considered criminal and there exists a historical proof of the conviction.

After such procedures, the court that is specially intended to try juveniles shall then have a hearing after an arraignment and just before a trial in order to know if a particular juvenile is an offender of felony chronically.

It is during the hearing that the State of Tucson shall then prove via a preponderance of the available evidence that a particular juvenile is a chronic offender. If it exists that a particular juvenile is not such, the court will then have to transfer the juvenile to the juvenile court as according to sec 8-302.

However, if the court then sees enough evidence to prove that the juvenile has indeed been a felony-chronic offender, and if the juvenile did not in any way file a particular motion that will determine if the juvenile is a chronic offender, the prosecution shall then have to go on.

All in all, a criminal defense lawyer will do best to guide one through the process of such a procedure when in Tucson.

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