July 17, 2024

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Trade Show Secrets – Feng Shui Power Tips to Drive Booth Traffic

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Trade Show Secrets – Feng Shui Power Tips to Drive Booth Traffic

It’s Show Time! You spent $$$ on your booth. You have “location, location, location.” Trade show expert John Hill showed you his “3P’s” (plan ahead, prepare for and perform there) and you did them all. But still there aren’t enough people hanging around long enough for you to connect and qualify them.

Worse, the booth across the hall is smaller, less professional looking and packed. What’s going on? What’s missing? What else can you do?

Well, have you looked at your booth’s Feng Shui?

“Wait,” I hear you say, “isn’t Feng Shui for your home?”

Yes it is…but try thinking about the booth as the company’s home away from home. Feng Shui rules for your home and life success apply to your business, too.

So, what can Feng Shui do? Remember, it’s the unconscious feeling people get when they look into your booth that draws them in or keeps them walking on by. Feng Shui helps you grab the walk-by’s by increasing the attraction ch’i (energy) and pumping up the subtle magnetism that says, “Come on in and let’s chat.”

I know, I know, sounds weird. But it works and the competition will never know your secret weapon. Here are 3 trade show basics with a Feng Shui twist and 3 secret Feng Shui booth tips to get you started:


#1 I Hear You Knocking But You Can’t Come In!
The most critical point in Feng Shui is the entrance or what we call the “Mouth of Ch’i”. Block it with a table, display rack, or, even worse, with yourself and the energy (read people) is going to take the path of least resistance – away from you!

Keep the entrance open, well lit and welcoming.

#2 Break On Through To The Other Side
No matter what, let your prospect reach you. Getting them into the booth and then standing behind a table or counter is like leaving the screen door open but the front door locked. Remember, everyone starts the day with a pocketful of ch’i. Make it easy for them to spend some of that energy in your booth.

#3 Look, Up In The Sky! It’s A…
Did you know it’s hard to think negative thoughts when looking up? That’s because good, positive energy or ch’i rises. Stand up and let the ch’i flow through your body and your mind. It’s not for nothing that they talk about “thinking on your feet.”


#1 Color My World…
Color is a simple tool to raise the ch’i. Red is a great color for fame and notice while green is good for growth (think plants). Add Purple for abundance and get the good ch’i flowing.

#2 Turn On The Lights!
Light is powerful lifting energy. Car dealers use flood lights to attract attention from miles away. You can use spots and up lights to highlight the symbols of benefits that your clients can get only from you.

#3 Are You Pointing That At Me?
Watch out for sharp corners “pointing” at some one entering. “Poison Arrows” give off danger vibes. Rounded corners to help them “flow” in. Can’t avoid it? Use a plant to block (extra ch’i points for the green life energy).

(Just remember – light touches can be more powerful than heavy strokes…too dark or just too much can turn a positive into a real negative.)

Lastly, remember that the most positive welcoming energy you can get is a genuine smile. These tips and many other Feng Shui changes can help bring the prospect to you. Your smile is what’s going to hook them.

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