June 18, 2024

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The Headlines: Putin Rejects a Place at the NWO Top Table Vows to Be Their Formidable Enemy!

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The Headlines: Putin Rejects a Place at the NWO Top Table Vows to Be Their Formidable Enemy!

Collectively there are two areas which must be actioned, our liberty is at risk, and I don’t mean we’ll only read in the media what the state wish us to read, or we’ll be referred as Racist every time we object to a benefit payment or refer to Brexit. No we will be forever in servitude at the pleasure, as an object of the black rituals for the self-appointed elite within the New World Order.

1. Brexit, Orban, Salvini, Nigel Farage, Marine LePen as well as Geert Wilders, the Catalonian they must now be heard, we must support them, for they are on our side.

2. Snowflakes, not a great term but you must for your safety step out from the shadow of the Totalitarian. There are over 800 Auswitzch style camps set-up ready and waiting for you. Obama has ordered coffins by the Millions.

Putin Vilified, it’s difficult to dispute the Novichok events, given the CCTV coverage but did Putin, do it? Or was he set-up by the NWO for refusing to comply?

There are calls for a one world currency! In May of 2009 just before the G -20 economic summit in London, an official from China’s central bank Zhou Xiaochuan, made news around the world when they began calling for a new global currency to replace the U.S. dollar.

Zhou Xiaochuan, is the only name from China that I can see on the Bilderberg list of attendees. Their tentacles go far and wide! Imagine the devastation a single currency that has wrecked on Europe then magnify that throughout the world. Geithner was asked by United States Representative Michelle Bachman, “I’m wondering, would you categorically renounce the United States moving away from the dollar and going to a global currency as suggested this morning by China?” To which Geithner replied, “I would. Yes.” She then asked Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, who was sitting right next to him, and he answered, “I would as well.” Twenty-four hours later both were pro a single currency Geithner completely changed his mind, from being against a global currency, to supporting it, and while speaking at a Council on Foreign Relations press conference nonetheless. I guess they didn’t realize that Zhou was a Bilderberg.

It’s time to wake for we are at a point in time when our very future our liberty will take one of two paths. If we remain asleep to the very activities that have blighted our existence for some twenty years then we are in serious trouble, this is no longer a conspiracy! The New World Order is real, and it is in place, May, Clarke, Maude, Major is the gate keepers for the UK demise, Rudd, Balls, Adonis, etc., the foot soldiers. The other path is to restore our democracy, restore our well-being but this requires enlightenment it requires steadfast cooperation amongst ourselves, this is no longer a time for a divisive attitude, it is a worldwide issue of survival. I hope you choose the latter path and stand up for freedom, the alternatives are bleak.

“This challenge requires the equivalent of war against something as evil as totalitarianism. Anything less would be like trying to put out a wildfire with gasoline or like spitting into a (Category 5) hurricane. Anything less would be an epoch fail.”

John Feffer – Director of Foreign Policy Studies at the Institute for Policy Studies.

Still, you wake up to headlines about saving the Tories, saving Labour! We should no longer care one jot for these two parties. For twenty years have followed a destructive agenda, bringing Great Britain to its knees. I could no longer care less about the snouts that occupy the green nor the red seats of our historic parliament building, for they to have shamed and damaged us all, bringing us to the brink of servitude.

Why have they behaved so wretchedly? Simple, they have acted in unison with the snouts across the channel and the Atlantic. What we have experienced and will still see if we do not wake fully, and stop this rot, the endless march toward a utopia that only the elite benefit from.

The Bilderberg’s under the NWO have 25,000 controllers strategically placed.

Some 25,000 official are in place, in the army, in the police, in the judiciary, they take orders solely from their paymaster, and it is not us! Freedom of speech is at risk, and not just in the UK, it is at the risk of being shut down across the US and across Europe. We have seen the bully tactics of foreign government forcing democratic values on other nations, yet we are inextricably moving towards their doctrine. Their way of oppression. How are they doing this?

Only two types of people stand on the way of freedom of speech, Snowflakes and Totalitarians!

They are creating wars, homegrown conflict, disenfranchising the indigenous, shutting down free speech. This cannot happen, we are a country based on freedoms our entire success has been built on freedom to express oneself and freedom to be clear about one’s beliefs. As an example at the height of the cold war, at a time that the Soviet Union had positioned much of their armaments along the border of Europe, Communism was a dirty word, but, still you could without fear of prosecution position yourself to express such views. Indeed, you could stand as a candidate for election. Your chance of winning were remote, but you could still stand and debate in total freedom. Today we harness that freedom, and we do it in the most divisive way. Only two types of people stand on the way of freedom of speech, Snowflakes and Totalitarians! We know what happens when you disagree with a Lenin or a Hitler you’re dealt with and dealt severely if not terminally.

I am not a Tommy Robinson fan, but we should all take heed from his treatment. Blair and Brown tried hard to stop this prosecution blaming the children! At no time believing that they, the children were vulnerable but believing that these underage girls were making an informed choice therefore, allowing these men to rape them, some as young as 11. Bear in mind the health worker who first noticed this trend and reported on this was made redundant in 2017. The first victim who gave chapter and verse to the police in 2008 was discredited by the very force that should have given her sanctuary. Tommy Robinson is incarcerated for reporting on the trial details. Details that were already in the public domain.

The NWO will not save us from the chaos as they have created it.

If you are a liberal remainer then look to your saviour the NWO, but don’t drag the rest of us with you. As Putin has put it, the New World Order under the control of the Bilderberg has all its soldier in place the path to subjugation will only accelerate from here. Feel confident freedom of speech is not the first sign, we have seen the behaviour of our politicians for they to have scant regard for us their electorate. They never expected to fight another election as a democracy for those days were soon to be gone.


The Temple of Syrinx, is sung from the perspective of the rulers of a fictional world where the elite leadership enjoy all the pleasures of life, while the masses of people live in servitude.

The G20 receives Media coverage, why not the NWO?

This is largely how the New World Order was able to be created without much opposition. It is only now after the foundation has been built and its construction is near completion that word of such a thing is mentioned publicly, as its secret creators promise it will bring a new era of world peace and prosperity. The New World Order is basically the plan to create a socialist global government headed up by one world leader and a wealthy ruling class of elite politicians and businessmen, and render the rest of the world’s population powerless peasants who are endlessly stuck in the daily grind. Everyone is living in the New World Order will use a single global electronic currency and have little to no political power, and have an advanced high-tech surveillance system watching over everyone to keep them in line.

Consider when the G-20 meets or there is a similar economic forum where leaders of the world’s most powerful countries, the media covers it primarily as the top story, yet practically the only coverage of Bilderberg meetings comes from smaller freelance journalists and websites, or perhaps occasional European newspaper article. It is not possible that repeated blackouts are because the event is not news worthy. For sure there is a secret agreement between the American and European mainstream media owners, and the Bilderberg group itself, where the two entities have agreed that editors will act as gate-keepers and kill any story by any reporter who even attempts to cover the event.

Population Reduction the subject for a later date…

I will say though for those that are interested look to who has bought land in Patagonia South America! The West has been weakened the East has been fortified.

My advice do not allow 5G on your street corner. Good luck if you’re lucky the future is red with white hat’s!

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