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The Five D’s – Discipline, Discernment, Discrimination, Discretion and Detachment

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The Five D’s – Discipline, Discernment, Discrimination, Discretion and Detachment

Life is for learning; it is one big classroom. When certain lessons are learned, we progress to the next grade. To hold back a grade is certainly hurting one’s growth. We don’t all reach graduation from lower levels to higher levels at the same time, and one simply must not hold oneself back to stay with another. Others will only get there through lessons to be learned at their level. This is the only way they will learn. To protect them is wrong; everyone needs to learn. They will be stronger for it in the long run as they will learn self-reliance.

Most People Living With an Illusion of Reality
Humanity is having a hard time grappling with life through the fog of their emotional responses. They become so emotional that they cannot see situations clearly. Most are living with an illusion as to what reality really is. Picture it this way. Illusion is like seeing things through fine net curtains blowing in the breeze. They keep one from seeing out the window of the prison into the world around him. Sometimes one can make out dim shapes through the curtains; occasionally the breeze will blow hard enough to let him catch a glimpse of what is out there, but one must be interested and curious and pay attention or he won’t be watching at the right moment. Once seen, that real world can never be forgotten and one longs for the day when he can leave prison and go to that other world.

The Attitude of Joy has been Forgotten
The joy that is felt on the inner planes is a nagging, vague memory when one is incarnated on the earth plane. It is an elusive craving or longing that nothing in earthly life can satisfy. Joy is an almost unheard of attitude in present day society. In fact, there is probably only a very small handful of humanity who have ever experienced true joy and then only momentarily. Joy is an expression purely of the soul. It is almost an ecstatic state so beautiful that once experienced, it will never be forgotten. Those studying metaphysics will be able to come closer to duplicating joy than others, but only after they are a goodly distance down the path. Joy will be prevalent in the future, as it will not be allowed to be forgotten by babies and small children as it is today. Joy should be what humanity is striving for, but most of humanity has never felt it, as stated before, so therefore cannot even describe it. This is truly a sad state of affairs.

Some Lives are like Bad Dreams – Others Good
In the overall picture of your eternal life, earth is the dream world. Some lives are bad dreams; some are good. When you leave a life on earth, it is as though you are waking up and vividly remembering a dream. In other words, roles are just reversed from what they are now. Just as you do learn through your dreams now, when you go home to the inner planes, you have learned (supposedly) through your dream-life on earth. As far as the conception of time, the relationship of the time a dream takes in your life now is the same as the time your life now is taking out of your eternal life.

Sacrifice for Others Not the Answer
Most people spend their lives thinking they are doing themselves good to sacrifice everything for others. This is not so, because it deprives others of needed lessons. It is a misinterpretation of Jesus’ teachings. The churches have stressed this way too much. An individual must have a fulfilling, satisfying life or he develops a martyr complex. Those who display an attitude of martyrdom should be encouraged to look within and bring buried attitudes to the surface.

The Five D’s – Discipline, Discernment, Discrimination, Discretion and Detachment are needed.

1. Discipline needs to be applied to make sure you are using discrimination, discernment and discretion. Leading a disciplined life is not easy, but consider the alternative of having no direction at all to the path you are on.

2. Discernment means to be acutely aware, alert to catch undertones in conversations and to sense unspoken communication, non-verbal talk. Mental telepathy and intuition honed to their finest edge would be a good way to put it. It is easier to see when others are not being discerning and discreet than to see it in yourself, so be alert and sensitive in your speech and actions. Think more about what is happening.

3. Discrimination means to pick and choose only that which is the best. Separate the wheat from the chaff. This does not mean that you should discriminate against others because of race, color, sex or age, but discriminate in the attitudes and state of evolvement of others and in their sincerity.

4. Discretion also means to use good judgment in your everyday contact with other people. Learn to determine, if possible, where they are standing on the path. The use of your intuition is highly recommended also. Think before you speak. Don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions. Let the other person have his say and listen to what he is saying. You are being told something, but you are going to have to listen more closely to what is being said. To be discreet takes diplomacy and wisdom.

5. Detachment is basically the same thing as impersonality only on a wider viewpoint. Impersonality applies to individual incarnations on a personal day to day basis. Detachment would apply to the over all path of the whole incarnation.

Having an Open Mind Important
Remember at all times that thoughts are things. This is very difficult for humanity to understand. Don’t box your thoughts in; expand them to wonder about everything, but always with an inquisitive, searching manner. Don’t think concrete thoughts. These are the ones that manifest and become reality. Leave an open end on each thought such as not putting a period after a sentence; rather, create an open-ended sentence. Have an open mind, not a concrete mind. See if this doesn’t help in all relationships, because those associated with you feel strongly the energy of other kinds of thoughts. Think of yourself as a power station transmitter, sending and receiving.

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