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Rights for Car Accident and Slip Fall Victims

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Rights for Car Accident and Slip Fall Victims

Being in an accident is a terrible experience, but an accident that results from the carelessness or negligence of someone else can feel much worse. This is why Georgia has civil law statutes offering protections to people who are injured because of the following:

  • The actions of someone else, such as the at-fault driver in a car accident
  • The failure of someone else to act, such as a property manager not providing proper security

While these laws offer theoretical protections, you should consult with a lawyer who has experience in the field of automobile accidents or slip and fall accidents to make sure you benefit from these protections. Knowledgeable attorneys can advise you on the specifics of your case, the litigation and settlement process and what you can expect to receive. Your attorney should always be realistic with you in what you can expect from a settlement and the overall settlement and litigation process.

Auto Accident Protections

Because auto accidents so often result in severe injuries to drivers and passengers alike, every state has strict laws in place regarding automobile insurance, liability, and penalties for negligent behavior such as drunk driving.

These laws are meant to ensure that anyone who is injured in an auto accident will be able to pay their resultant medical bills and replace or repair the damaged vehicle. However, because insurance companies try to keep their payments as low as possible, many auto claims involve a dispute.

These disputes can be resolved through a settlement, when all parties reach an agreement about damages and compensation. If that is not possible, the injured party can file a claim for damages in court. If you were in a car accident, it helps to have a reliable auto accident attorney on your side.

Premises Liability Protections

No public place can be guaranteed to be 100 percent safe, but property owners are supposed to make reasonable efforts to maintain safe conditions, especially if they do business with the public. What is reasonable will depend on the particular case. For instance, a hotel owner who has allowed a staircase railing to remain broken for several weeks, even after employees and guests reported it, will probably be judged to be clearly negligent.

In a case where a hotel guest grabs a railing and it suddenly pulls away from the wall, negligence on the part of the owner will be more difficult to prove. In response to a claim, the insurance company of the property owner may attempt to show that the injured party acted recklessly or carelessly by entering a clearly marked restricted area, for instance, or falling while intoxicated.

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