June 19, 2024

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Obtaining An FFL – 5 Ways To Get Denied

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Obtaining An FFL – 5 Ways To Get Denied

We are giving you the 5 easiest ways to get denied when obtaining an FFL (Federal Firearms License), be it a Type 1 or Class 3 (SOT).

1. The number one issue to obtaining your FFL is making absolutely certain that you will have your business in a location that is properly zoned.

Every community is different.

Go down to the city zoning department and clearly find out from the individual who is in charge what exactly are the rules and regulations regarding having a business in your home or other any other location.

Make sure that you understand the definition of a business premise according to the ATF. Your actual business location must meet BOTH ATF and your community’s zoning laws or your FFL application can be denied.

2. Another thing that can get you denied is not clearly identifying what you intend to do. Are you going to be doing repairs on firearms? Are you an expert in some area and intend to make appraisals your niche in business? If so, these things can really affect the outcome of your FFL application. You must define exactly what you intend to do under federal firearm regulations. This stipulate as to which type of FFL you need to acquire.

3. You must follow regulations on secure gun storage and safety devices. You cannot just put guns up on racks, have a locked front door or maybe a metal frame over the entrance and call it secure.

The ATF gives clear definitions as to what it calls “Secure Gun Storage or Safety Devices”. Remember, besides complying with federal law, you will have your own money tied up in your inventory so secure storage is absolutely essential.

Remember too that an ATF agent will visit you for a face-to-face interview and assess your security arrangements. Denial of the FFL is possible if your security does not meet The ATF requirements.

4. Failure to complete your application correctly in every detail is another reason for denial of an FFL. When the application states: “Last name, First name, and Middle initial” that is exactly the order to enter the information.

Review every document and make sure that you have signed or initialed each place where necessary. For example, “Applicant Certification” question #27 requires that you initial each box.

Make sure to answer every question truthfully. Falsification of any part of the application will result in denial of the FFL, possibly a permanent denial.

5. Make absolutely certain that you have the two sets of fingerprints for each individual listed in the application and on the correct form provided by ATF. Otherwise small snafus like these will get your FFL application denied and possibly get you into a lengthy appeal process.

Avoiding these 5 common mistakes will ensure you get your Federal Firearms License (FFL) and bring great savings and easier firearms transactions. For more help with obtaining an FFL, please visit the authors Bio Box.

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