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New Hampshire Criminal Defense Attorney – Lawyers Overview

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New Hampshire Criminal Defense Attorney – Lawyers Overview

Criminal defense attorneys are those people who defend accused criminals in the court of law. They are the ones that speak in behalf of the accused party, so that they could well defend themselves. Criminal defense attorneys are sure to have the toughest profession. Their performance on the court could mean a man’s freedom or a sentence in jail.

In New Hampshire, most criminal defense attorneys would gladly handle your criminal case, should you go to their offices and submit your case details. To give you an overview of what criminal defense attorneys handle, these are:

1. Driving Offenses. Driving offenses goes by the name of DUI which means driving under the influence (of alcohol) or DWI meaning driving while intoxicated. There are different driving offenses, and each case should be reviewed thoroughly. There is what’s called DUI with accident or DUI with injury.

2. Hit and Run. This is also, more or less, related to a driving offense as it happens in the road too. But in a hit and run case, defendants do not necessarily have to be under the influence of liquor. A hit and run case is simply, hitting a person with car and not answering to that offense right there and then.

3. Drug Offenses. There are different drug offenses a person can be accused of. Charges and penalties could vary if one is accused for possession, for transportation, for selling, or for merely using drugs. Just the same a person who is involved with illegal drugs is sure to need a good criminal defense attorney to defend him.

4. Crimes of Violence. In general these are crimes that are inflicted to another person due to rage, insanity, or other reasons. And this usually results to physical injury or even death. Examples of crimes of violence are assault and battery, among others.

5. Weapon Charges. Any person caught in possession of a firearm with no proper documentation is punishable by law. Therefore, he is going to require the services of a good criminal defense attorney to represent him in the court. He would have to show that his firearm is duly registered and regulated. Or, he can plea otherwise, depending on his lawyer’s strategy.

6. Property Crimes. Crimes against somebody else’s property are punishable by law as well. There are set laws protecting individuals of arson and vandalism, which are good examples of property crimes. These cases are handled by a criminal defense attorney.

7. Sex Offenses. This is a major offense. Sex offenses such as rape and incest could even mean life imprisonment. Sex offenses are usually the hardest to defend, as it emotionally breaks down both the accused and the plaintiff.

8. Juvenile Cases. A juvenile case involves a minor. Given the situation, a minor has more protection under the law as compared to a person 18 years and above. Because of this provision, juvenile cases need special attention. A good defense attorney is a must.

9. Domestic Violence. The family could also be a victim of a crime. This is a sad truth. Spousal abuse is under this category. Protective court orders, and at times even children custody, are handled by your criminal defense attorneys.

New Hampshire is a state that still has death penalty being enforced. It is a must that for every criminal offense you are accused of, may it be true or not, you’ve got to hire only the best attorneys. Else, your life would change with a single decision from the jury.

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