June 18, 2024

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Natural Stone Restoration – 5 Trade Secrets of Floor Polishing

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Natural Stone Restoration – 5 Trade Secrets of Floor Polishing

Home owners today are increasingly finding creative ways in order to incorporate natural stone into their homes. It is a superior material, held in high regard because of its ability to reflect unique character, durability and grandeur. It has huge variations in colour, texture and pattern; all of which are impossible to replicate.

The technology to clean and restore natural stone is steeped in history and it is ever-changing product formulations that truly compliment this well-respected process. It is inevitable that soon after stone flooring is installed, it will be marred by daily usage. Professional stone cleaning and restoration specialists hold the trade secrets that will offer the answer to a hygienically clean, polished stone floor.

Secret one takes into consideration the specialized product formulations and chemical compounds. These are ever-changing and stone-specific. The use of incorrect products will undoubtedly result in damaged floor tiles. However, on the other side of the coin; best-available products will positively complement the polishing process.

Secret two is based around the industrial equipment available that enables the highest possible shine. There is a wide collection of trade machinery available to assist the process of floor polishing; any company purchasing such a range identifies the true investment opportunity as this will be the key to a reduction in timescales required to complete the work and achieving a superior finish.

Secret three is the incredible fact that the stone polishing process leaves natural stone much more durable and hard-wearing than untreated stone flooring. The finish resists penetration by grit and dirt as well as liquid spillages. It helps protect the flooring from corrosive factors such as chemicals, oils and salts.

Secret four is that the natural and intrinsic beauty of natural stone flooring is revealed through the stone polishing process. There is no better look than a high-shine stone tile! It provides a permanent, timeless personal touch that can only come from using natural stone. Your floor will stand out, reflect your taste and your personality. Natural stone cannot be mimicked and is a one-of-a-kind statement.

Secret five is formed around the stone polishing process. Firstly, the grinding process takes place. A time-served specialist is privy to the vital understanding of the influencing factors of this part of the process. They will take into account the age of the tile, the colour, the depth of any scratches and traffic wear. The ground surface is then chemically hardened and sealed; this improves durability and reduces the likelihood of staining.

The combination of these best-kept secrets reveals a powerful insight into the intricacies of stone floor polishing and the requirement for experience and expert knowledge. These proven steps have formed a breakthrough in the trade and are guaranteed to provide an unrivalled, long-lasting finish with a reduction in maintenance costs and difficulty; a truly cost-effective solution!

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