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My Priced Possession, My Guitar

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My Priced Possession, My Guitar

It seems a lot of people are quite obsessed with the word ‘music.’

They want to learn instruments as fast as possible. I do not think there is any shortcut to learning. If you want to learn absolutely anything properly, then I am sure that shorts cuts are not that great an idea.

But yes if you have the passion in you to work hard and learn it, then no one can stop you from being successful.

There are three tools for this success. They are known as the 3 P’s, they are:

1. Patience
2. Practise
3. Pay attention

One of the instruments that are quite fashionable in these days and preferred by a lot of people of the young generation is the guitar.

A guitar is a string instrument that is played either with the help of a pick or with the help of the figures.

The guitar is an instrument that has a huge body with a neck. There are some strings attached to it. There are generally 6 strings.

The 2 classification of the types of guitar are-

1. Electric guitar
2. Acoustic guitar

An acoustic guitar is the one that first came into existence. It is being used since thousands of years.

A modern format of the guitar is the electric guitar. An electric guitar makes use of the amplifier that can help in electronically manipulating the tone.

For someone who loves and admires this musical instrument it is essential to understand what it is made up of. Let us understand its major components.

Generally the guitars are made in such a manner that they are for both the left hand players and the right hand players.

As the right hand and the left have different functions to perform so arrangement is made in such a manner that it is not inconvenient for anyone.

The strings have an order and if they are reversed the orientation will also change.


The headstock is located at the region that is at the end of the neck. It is there to ensure that the string tension is properly adjusted.


A nut is a tiny little piece of plastic, brass, steel, etc. It grooves the strings in place. It has to be accurately cut so that the tuning is proper.


These are the metal strips that help in scale based division. According to some mathematical formula they are placed. If you press the string against the fret, a pitch sound is produced.

Truss rod

The truss rod is made up of a metal. It runs along the neck side of the guitar.


The inlays are what form the external part of the guitar. They are of various graphical shapes. The most common shapes are- dots, diamonds, parallelograms, etc.


The neck of the guitar is usually glued to the body of the guitar.


The strings are one of the most important elements of the guitar. A standard guitar has 6 strings. There are some guitars with 4, 7, 8, 9, 12 and even 18 strings.

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