October 3, 2023

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Maryland Child Support

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Maryland child support services ensure maximum support and care to children by persuading and encouraging parents to provide periodic payment. Expenses of food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical care are included in child support coverage.

You can file a suit in Maryland court for granting adequate financial assistance for child support. Children who are deprived of a family life with father and mother as a result of divorce, marital separation, dissolution, or annulment of a relationship can get the benefit of child support statute of the state. The court has the power to order a paternity test if there is an issue regarding the legality of a child. The state of Maryland has its own child support law. Procedures to determine child support in Maryland depend on the actual income of each parent, amount of pre-existing child support, premium amount of health insurance, child care expenses, and payment for unexpected medical treatment. Expenses of private school teaching if needed and travelling expenses between parents’ houses are also included to evaluate the child support amount.

The court calculates the actual income of each parent based on individual salary, commissions, bonuses, pension income, and all other regular monthly income. Various insurance benefits and even income from regular overtime work are used to calculate the actual income. Maryland child support proceedings use SASI-Calc software to find out the sum of child support. This software takes into account the number of children, number of nights children shared with each parent, total income of parents, and day to day expenses of children. Normally Maryland court approves an average of $10,000 per month for child support. The amount given by parents for child support is not regarded as expenses and hence payments are not tax deductible.

The court has the right to punish or imprison if a person fails to pay the child support amount. Maryland department of human resources have Maryland child support enforcement program to help parents estimate the child support requirements and enforce the law for raising the living standard of children.

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