July 17, 2024

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Making Fake Scratch Off Tickets For Fun

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Making Fake Scratch Off Tickets For Fun

Scratch off is one of the most popular games played for gambling. A lot of people are lured in to the slim chance of hitting the jackpot. Sadly, there are a lot of frustrating stories as well with regard to being fooled by fake tickets. How frustrating can it be to spend $5, $10 or even up to $20 for a scratch off ticket that is no good? There are ongoing debates regarding the legality of this practice. Nevertheless, this does not stop the many people who are taken and blown away by the excitement of the game. The call for exhilaration, the fun in the surprise is still stronger than the big possibility of disappointment. If you are not the better type though, you can turn this misfortune into an opportune moment of fun and laughter. If you simply want to have fun or play prank with your friends, you can make your very own fake scratch off tickets. And here is how.

1. Prepare the materials. First off, you need to have the following at hand: glue stick, a cardboard, a washing liquid, sticky back plastic or contact paper, a print-out of your lottery ticket and a silver metallic acrylic paint.

2. Print your design. Style a design that you want to carry out in your fake scratch off tickets. You can either print it directly on the cardboard. But if your printer cannot take a paper that thick, use a lively colored paper to print on. Then cut the design and glue it to the cardboard.

3. Add the sticky back plastic and put it onto the cut out design.

4. Mix the paint. Take the silver metallic acrylic paint and the washing liquid. For a better mix, use 1 part of the washing liquid and two parts for the acrylic paint.

5. Paint the ticket. Take the design and paint only the part where there is plastic. You may need to double coat just to make sure that the picture is fully covered. If necessary, add another layer of paint for an absolute surprise!

You can then distribute it to your friends and relatives. You can also be more creative about and use it for greeting cards. And if you are business minded, you can even turn your fake ticket as a promotional time. It is very easy to make and rest assured that you will have a lot of fun while you are at it. Now, if you are a certified prankster, you can absolutely use this as a part of an April Fool’s prank, a birthday gift gag or just a joke to someone who has been a sour loser on scratch off. To pull it off, you will need to be as close to the real thing as it can get. You can copy the design and print it out for a more convincing effect. There are also readily made fake scratch off tickets sold online if you are not into making one. Different designs and games are available that will surely have your friends and family fooled. Then you can find out just how lucky you are to have friends and family who are game!

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