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Legal Side of Dog Bite Or Domestic Animal Attack

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Legal Side of Dog Bite Or Domestic Animal Attack

The emergency department of hospitals and nursing homes receive a lot of dog bite cases everyday all over the country. And most of the time the victims are children.

Dog owners cannot deny the liability. One Bite Rule or First Bite Rule and Strict Liability Law hold the dog owner responsible for the accident. The owner should compensate the victim for all the damages caused by the dog bite accident.

Majority of people love pets. Hundreds of thousands of families have pet dogs. However, dogs can be dangerous to outsiders sometimes. Pet owner and the trainer, if there is any, should be careful about this.

The one bite rule or the first bite rule exempts dog owners from any liability. However, it is always suggested to know the state laws about dog bite injury. Each state has dog bite laws and it vary from state to state. So to know the responsibilities of the dog owner or to find information about the rights of dog bite victims contact dog bite lawyers of your state.

Look for an attorney who has experience in handling dog bite cases and who knows the related laws of your state very well. If you need legal help against domestic animal bite in Florida, look for Florida lawyers so that you can seek imbursement for the damages.

Let’s learn about the one bite rule and strict liability law in details.

One Bite Rule:

First Bite Rule and First Bite Free are the other terms people use to refer to this rule. One bite rule does not consider the dog owner guilty when the pet dog bites someone for the first time, provided the owner was not negligent.

If the dog has any track record of biting or even attacking others, the one bite rule does not apply.

If the pet owner was not much careful and let the dog run in public places, the owner can be held responsible making one bite rule invalid. It is better to consult a state attorney to comprehend the meaning of the rules. Florida residents should consider Florida attorneys specialized in dog bite accidents for legal help.

One bite rule cannot help the dog owner if the victim proves that the owner was aware of the attacking nature of the animal. If the owner alerts someone about the violent nature of the animal, or makes the dog wear muzzle frequently it becomes easy for the victim to prove that the owner was aware of the biting nature of the dog. And one bite rule goes invalid easily.

Strict Liability Law

If the owner is not exempted under one bite rule, the case goes under strict liability law. The owner of a domestic animal is responsible for the activities of the animal.

However, some states offer exemptions for the pet owners. Strict liability law can be avoided if any of the following is proved.

  • The victim was a veterinary surgeon and the accident occurred when he was examining the dog
  • The victim was an intruder or trespasser
  • The victim agitated, provoked or disturbed the dog
  • The victim ignored the words of caution and came up to the dog

State laws define who is to be held responsible for the accident – the owner or the keeper? After a dog bite accident, consult a lawyer immediately after seeking medical attention.

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