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Indication of Evil and Demonic Possessions in Astrology

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Indication of Evil and Demonic Possessions in Astrology

Evil and demonic possessions are the interference by earth-bound souls. There are two types of possessions – one is due to a discarnate soul who interferes with a particular person, and second is due to the conditions prevailing in a particular place, and which affects any person who happens to go there.

To perceive a possession one needs some psychic powers. There are a number of instances of astral interference in occult and spiritualistic world. By carefully analysing one’s natal horoscope one can make a correct diagnosis of the cause and nature of the possession.

The position of the planets in a horoscope not only serves as an aid to the diagnosis but is a very important guide to treatment. A horoscope is to an occult therapist what an x-ray photo is to a doctor.

Factors Responsible For Possession

· Ascendant [its strength/weakness for general individual capabilities]

· Moon [for mental and emotional strength]

· Dragon head Rahu [for demonic interference]

· Mars [for violent and aggressive interference]

· Saturn [for evil and secret connections]

· 6th house [for cause and type of mental or physical illness]

Different combinations for evil and demonic possessions

· Saturn and Rahu present in the quadrant indicate possession or witch craft attack.

· Moon and Rahu present in the ascendant and Saturn and Mars present in 5th or 9th house indicates the native worship demonic or evil forces.

· Mars aspecting the ascendant and the 6th lord posited in 1st/7th/10th house indicates that the native is suffering from black magic or witchcraft.

· Ascendant’s lord and Mars are posited in ascendant or in quadrant indicate evil psychic attack.

· Ascendant is of movable sign, Saturn present in 7th house, and the Moon is afflicted by evil planet denotes interference of demonic and evil forces.

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