July 17, 2024

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Increase Your Capacity During The Biggest Transfer Of Wealth!

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Increase Your Capacity During The Biggest Transfer Of Wealth!

Have you watched the news today? Fear, economic woes, businesses closing and on and on and on. A job loss can knock a family out fast and people are worried. God is bigger than the economy, business, unemployment and anything that is part of the world system. The biggest transfer of wealth is happening right now and whether you are Christian or not, the principles are the same and things are changing quickly. Increase your capacity during these global changes.

Even if you have a great job, are you feeling secure? The people who are going to make it in this economy are going to need multiple and bigger streams of income that are beyond a job. Your capacity is what you can achieve with your current situation. Your capacity can be unlimited if you can think in unlimited terms. With inflation it will cost more to live and as you know the dollar is on shaky ground. It is time to step in to the heavenly realm and live in the principles that are laid out for us. What are some things that can be done to create wealth in tough economic times?

One is to have a vision and then a written plan. You need a plan in order to not get confused. Your capacity is your time, your effort and knowledge. Our plan is to market off and online. To have a few marketing strategies that work and master them. Continue to work on improving our skills forever. We work on article marketing, video marketing and we place classified ads. Once we master this we will expand on mastering the social networking and do pay per click ads. We will study the pay per click key words and master key word marketing. Part of my experience is working at a company that strictly did internet marketing for businesses and I still need to excel at this and it is constantly changing so this is an ongoing process.

Where do you start? Start with a system that will help you create the basics. You need help. Also prayer for divine inspiration is an essential part of what we do. We step into providence and that helps us see the opportunities to succeed. Another thing we do is give back, plant seeds and gives. This is a principle that works and it is biblical. Whatever you do, remember faith is seeing things that are not here in the physical now and it takes a step of faith to move.

Blessings on you and have a great time starting.

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