July 17, 2024

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Hiring a Professional, Skilled and Trustworthy Criminal Defense Lawyer is Your Best Defense Option

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Hiring a Professional, Skilled and Trustworthy Criminal Defense Lawyer is Your Best Defense Option

It is highly recommended that the best time to get the best defense opportunities when facing criminal charges are during the early stages of the case, most especially when the charges are just about to be filed. For instances, just after your arrest, you have the best chances and opportunities for an immediate resolution as long as you are aware of your rights and the legal remedies that are still available to you to protect your rights. If you consult a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney during these stages of the case, then you are assured that you have someone who knows his business of protecting your legal rights and the means to work out an early resolution or outright dismissal of charges.

In instances where there are gross miscues and lapses in the handling of your case, your Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer can expertly work an early resolution or dismissal of any criminal charges filed against you. This is accomplished by your legal counsel by conferring with the state prosecutor before any formal charges are even filed in court. Your criminal defense attorney shall cite the lapses or points of contentions which may warrant for the non-filing and dismissal of charges against you. The service of a good professional at pre-filing of case is very critical as things become more difficult after formal charges have already been filed in court. Once formal charges are filed, a new lawyer may be authorized to handle your case and prosecutors would normally prefer to see how the case can play out in a full blown court proceeding. In this particular instance, a quick resolution may not be possible.

If you are represented by a trustworthy, capable professional, you may still have a better option even if the charges have already been authorized. Your legal counsel can confer with the state prosecutor for a possible plea bargain. You are then allowed to enter a guilty plea on a lesser offense in exchange for the dropping of charges for a more serious criminal offense. In some instances, your legal counsel may even enter into agreement with the state prosecutor with regard to the recommended sentence that the prosecutor is going to make in court.

Your criminal defense attorney may also try to explore the possibility of mitigating the legal actions of the prosecutor in instances where you provide material evidence and information leading to the resolution of another more critical case. In extreme cases, your legal counsel may even work out a favorable plea bargain or when you have significantly helped in a criminal investigation the prosecutor may even agree to drop all criminal charges against you.

Even in cases which plea bargain is not allowed, an expert criminal lawyer may still have the chance to work out a plea bargain. There may be supervening reasons which can still warrant a plea bargain even in cases where it is not allow under normal circumstances. An expert and highly knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer can see through even the slightest opportunity in order to provide you with the best defense when faced by serious criminal charges.

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