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High Capacity Airsoft Magazines – Tips For Using Airsoft High Capacity Magazines the Right Way

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High Capacity Airsoft Magazines – Tips For Using Airsoft High Capacity Magazines the Right Way

One of the biggest problems new airsoft gun owners have is reading the instructions that are translated so poorly from Chinese to English. While the manufactures of these weapons make some very cool and fun products, they just plain lack the ability to create instructions that are useful!One of the biggest questions that many first time airsoft gun owners has is how to load, and get the wind up style airsoft high capacity magazine to load.

These people are easy to spot as they often mention the gun only will shoot when they hold it upside down, or by putting a BB into the chamber manually! While it seems basic to many seasoned shooters this is a real problem for many novice air soft gun owners.But once you and the other struggling novices learn how to load and wind high capacity magazine you will see how innovative the design is and what a good job it does of supply BB’s to your gun!

Lets give you a basic overview of how they function.

BB’s are taken from the storage area of the magazine and under spring pressure pushed up a feed tube towards the chamber of the gun.As long as the tension on the spring is strong and there are BB’s available the BB’s will continue to move up into the gun when the trigger is pulled. One important tip that is worth mentioning is that your gun will not shoot every single BB. There will be anywhere from 5-25 BB’s left in the magazine, this is just how they are designed and there is no way around it. It comes down to there simply not being enough BB’s in the magazine to maintain proper spring tension.

To start loading the high capacity airsoft magazine flip open the access door on the top of the unit.Next carefully fill the storage compartment up, a small funnel works great for this.Do not over fill the storage compartment and leave enough room so you can close the access door with out having to push it down hard. Overloading with BB’s can lead to storage door breakage!

Next on the bottom of the magazine there is a wheel that you need to wind up to build spring tension, these only turn one direction so do not force it or you can break it!Wind it until it feels tight or the click sounds different then normal! This usually takes about 30 seconds!Once the wheel gets tight or the click changes sound your magazine is wound up and ready to shoot! Your thumbs will also be tired!

If you want to avoid the tedious manual labor of winding your magazine then you may want to look at an electric magazine winder from SRC manufacturing.These units are very affordable and save time and your thumbs!

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