October 3, 2023

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Gender Discrimination in Pakistan

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Women in Pakistan, to the social and cultural conditions, are more disadvantaged than the women in modern western democratic societies. Educated and professional women in urban areas who are from upper class of the society, enjoy much better status and rights than illiterate women in rural areas. In rural areas, women are discouraged in attaining higher education just for the sake of avoiding the time when women can lead man while in urban areas, women are encouraged to get educated, so girls energetically join the technical courses but after getting technically or professionally qualified they are not granted permission to work, this is the reason we don’t find girls at offices as much as we find men.

This is a major drawback as it leads a nation towards economic disaster as half the nation in the form of girls if won’t participate then economic will diminish. They are not allowed to participate in economic activities and hence their professional qualification goes in the bin. The story of social and economic injustice with reference to gender discrimination is very long. As it exists in almost all the societies. Girls excel in academics so more girls avail admissions in medical colleges. After getting qualified as M.B.B.S, majority girls do not practice due to our social factors.

In villages, girls are usually not asked whom do they want to marry; parents just fix wedding dates of their daughters to the groom of their choice. Such injustice discourage females at higher level. This is a point of sorry. Male should accept the existence of females and should help them to work like them.

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