July 17, 2024

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FRS Two Way Radios for Businesses

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FRS Two Way Radios for Businesses

The purpose of this article is to discuss the use of FRS two way radios in a business environment. I will offer some pros and cons to using FRS walkie talkies in your business as well as clear up any issues of legality. Two way radios are regularly used by business and FRS two way radios are frequently seen in use.

Allow us the liberty of providing some history before we get started in case you’re new to the two way radio world. The FCC allocates the frequency ranges used by two way radios. In fact, every device which emits radio frequencies is governed by the FCC and products are “Type Accepted” by the FCC for their legal use. For two way radios, FRS, GMRS, Commericial, and Public Safety are some of the frequency bands available.

FRS which stands for Family Radio Service. For many years, it was a source of debate as to whether it was unlawful for businesses to operate FRS two way radios in their business. A rule change in 2017 ended the debate and specifically allows businesses to legally use FRS two way radios. If you have been told that it is illegal to use FRS two way radios in your business, school, or place of worship you’ve been given misinformation.

Benefits Of FRS Two Way Radios for your Business

FRS two way radios are affordable which allows more two way radios to be purchased within the budget. One of the key benefits of using two way radios is increased productivity so having more walkie talkies is a good thing. FRS two way radios allow you to quickly and affordably expand your fleet. More employees being able to communicate immediately is helpful for most businesses.

FRS two way radios are easy to find. You’ll find offers for FRS two way radios are plentiful online. You’ll also find FRS walkie talkies readily available from Big Box Retailers. The leading manufacturers of FRS walkie talkies include: Motorola, Midland, Uniden, and Cobra among others and are all compatible across brands.

You’ll find FRS walkie talkies are inexpensive to replace when lost or broken. The cost of two way radios increase due to their durability, quality of battery, and quality of components. You should not expect a $20 two way radio to sound as good, last as long, or perform as well as a $150 commercial tier two way radio.

Disadvantages Of FRS Two Way Radios

FRS two way radios are inexpensive which generally means they aren’t built with high quality components. FRS two way radios have a hard time standing up to the daily vigor’s of a business environment. You’ll find the Push to Talk button wears out and the radios have a tough time bouncing off concrete. FRS two way radios can’t be repaired.

There are millions of FRS two way radios in use. You will experience interference issues from neighborhood kids and other businesses using the same frequencies. Finding a quiet channel can be a difficult task. Motorola has created some special features in their more expensive models to make finding a private channel easier.

Frequent model changes can be frustrating for businesses using FRS two way radios. Most models are available for 2 years or less making it hard find replacement parts and identical walkie talkies. I do not recommend buying FRS with a Capital Budget because the life expectancy of a FRS two way radio in a business environment is less than 6 months.

Should Your Business Use FRS Two Way Radios?

I believe your organization should be using two way radios. I know you’ll benefit from the added productivity, saved footsteps, and better overall communication. Your facility will be more secure and your Team will appreciate the time saved using walkie talkies. If you only have a budget to buy FRS two way radios, buy them. Midland makes a Business Grade FRS two way radio. I have seen good results with customers using these business FRS walkie talkies but expect they’ll upgrade to more expensive two way radios with time.

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