June 18, 2024

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Freedoms Should Be Protected, But With Common Sense Limitations!: 6 Examples

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Freedoms Should Be Protected, But With Common Sense Limitations!: 6 Examples

This nation has always, prided – itself, on standing – out, from much of the rest of the world, because of our defense of specific rights, privileges, liberties, and justice, for – all! However, there is a big difference, between, true freedom, and common sense, defense, of these, for the greater good! Because of this, there is a need for certain limitations, to protect the health, safety, and well – being, of the public, at – large! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 examples, of where this is most needed, and why, it is a logical approach, for proceeding, safely, and smartly, into the future.

1. You can’t scream, Fire!: Although, Freedom of Speech, is one of the most significant of our rights, it doesn’t provide, this, in an unlimited manner, regardless of circumstances! For example, you can’t scream, Fire, in a movie theater, arena, or crowd, because, doing so, when there is no true, imminent danger/ risk, may create panic, and endangers, many innocent people, who may be there!

2. Public health and safety must be considered higher priority, than temporary inconveniences: When nearly, all, respected, public health experts, warn us, the greatest protections against the spread of the virus, especially during this horrific pandemic, are wearing a mask/ face – covering, and social distancing/ spacing. Those claiming, this violates their personal rights and freedoms, and won’t cooperate, are not, merely, exercising, these, so – called, rights, but, rather, endangering public health, and well – being. This should be a matter, of prioritizing, the best interests of all citizens, etc!

3. Free speech/ Right to Assemble: We have the Constitutional right, to enjoy, free speech, and have the Right to Assemble! However, this does not mean, this permits violence, endangering/ threatening others, hate – language, etc. We all have the right to protest, but, not to do so, violently, or engaging in any criminal activities, etc.

4. Free press: We have, and need, a Free Press, but, this does not permit, them, to public, lies, slander, libel, and/ or, racist/ hate – based, information, etc.

5. Political campaigns: When, any political campaign, resorts to lying, making false claims, etc, instead, of what we consider, normal – spin, it endangers our electoral process! However, we are witnessing, a degree of lying, and falsehoods, during this year’s election cycle, which we have not seen before, in recent memory!

6. Second Amendment: Isn’t it interesting, many of those, who demand, what the refer to, as their Second Amendment Rights, to bear arms, are the same people, who often, deny others, their First Amendment, ones? Many, including the late, Supreme Court Justice, Scalia, considered one of the most conservative Justices, stated, this amendment, does not provide unlimited gun ownership, and/ or, usage! When, the Founding Fathers, created this amendment, they could not have envisioned, attack rifles, automatic weapons, etc, especially, since the rifles of that time period, fired one round, only, and took, well – over a minute, to reload! In addition, many Constitutional scholars, state, this amendment, related to the right, for a state, to have a militia, and not, unlimited, weapon ownership. Where would this end? Would we permit, bombs, explosives, and more – extreme, weaponry? Wouldn’t it make sense, to have, responsible, gun, and gun – safety laws, which protected the rights, of responsible gun owners, to own a gun, and the rights/ benefits, of society, to experience, a safer experience?

Wake up, America, and protect our freedoms, but, do so, with common sense! Isn’t it about time, we did so?

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