June 18, 2024

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Freedom of Speech Issues in "The Crucible"

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Freedom of Speech Issues in "The Crucible"

I find it hard to believe, we here in Canada and the USA, would ever have to worry about losing our right to free speech. But it is coming, and it is coming to fast for my comfort. Those that are running things, have been slowly taking away our rights to free speech, through the use of subliminal methods. Convincing a large part of the population that certain speech has to be controlled and suppressed for the public good.

A good example of this suppression, I were to write, that I have found a cure for cancer, and that the cure is a substance found in nature called vitamin B17, laetrile or amygdalin. And that this substance is found in raw nuts and the pips of many fruits, particularly apricot pips or kernels. I would be breaking the law. I am by law suppose to say something to the effect that this is just my opinion, and that you should consult, with your Family doctor.

The truth is your doctor doesn’t know anything about medicine, except how to diagnose your problem, and write you a prescription for the chemical formula, to further the coppers of big Pharma. The people that run this world are very wealthy and plan on keeping it that way.

They own the pharmaceutical companies, the media, energy, and utilities. They don’t want anything, getting in the way of their money-making. They don’t like people letting things out that will cure you of something like cancer. Cancer is a huge business making the super-rich around the globe billions of dollars. They sure as hell don’t want a cure for it. Well, there is a lot more than just cancer cures involved with this deception.

So how do you keep things like a cure for cancer quite? You start by shutting people like me up. They tell the population, don’t listen to people that talk crazy talk, like cures for cancer. So they have their puppet politicians draft up laws requiring me to lie, saying that this cure, I’m talking about is not a cure, and is unproven, that you need to consult with your doctor.

Do you feel that you are mentally incompetent, and that need other people to decide what is safe for you to read and believe? In all probability, your handlers are probably right, and you shouldn’t read this.

On the other hand, if you feel that you are competent enough to decide for yourself what is OK for you to read and what is not. And you don’t need someone else to help you make this choice. My congratulations to you, because are a rare person in today’s society, that has enough mentality left to think for yourself.

I do admit to making medical claims and declaring cures, in this post. I also claim that there are a bunch of very spiritually lacking individuals that have lost their way to the father. These people are running our world and tell the world governments what to do and say. I claim to love my fellow man, this includes the misguided people that run this world, and are following the lies of Lucifer. all human beings are my brothers and sisters. I want to save you all from enslavement from the lies and deception. I do not, and will not retract anything I say. I am a firm believer in the freedom of speech.

I plan to exercise the freedom of speech to it’s fullest extent, no matter, who’s pocketbook it might hurt. I love the truth, and I hate secrets, for those that fear the truth, may God help you to feel differently. Some of the information I reveal in this post, I received through the Holy Spirit, and will not recant in any way.

When I think about disclaimers. I have to ask myself, what are they for? Some say, disclaimers are to protect the reader from possible false claims, that could harm the reader, that takes them to heart. I have my own little theory on this.

I believe that disclaimers are a means of controlling free speech, and telling the masses it is for their protection. Because the reader may not be competent enough to be able to determine what is safe or not, to be able to make their own choices.

I have to wonder about that statement about protecting the reader from possible false claims. Are authors required to make disclaimers to protect the reader, because the reader lacks the intellectual capacity to discern how accurate some of the statements may, or may not be in a publication?

Am I as a writer to assume that my reader lacks the ability to judge for themselves? And that the reader lacks the capacity to discern what information they should accept as accurate because someone else has decided that the reader hasn’t the ability to do this for themselves.

Doesn’t this seem a bit like big brother knows best? Especially when it might be in big bothers best interest for things to be kept in the dark. Well, my answer to big brother is this. I am an adult, and I am old enough to decide what I want to read and what I want to believe. And I am sure most of my readers, are also quite capable of making these simple choices without your intervention.

The trouble with today’s society is that we have a small group of special interest, making decisions for other people. People that are quite capable of making decisions for themselves. To make matters worse we have a certain part of the population, that is to busy to be bothered with basic decision making.

It is so much easier to have someone else do this for them. The danger in all this is, can you trust that those people that are looking after your every decision, to look after your best interest.

I remember as a child, sitting in class room, listening to the teacher telling us how fortunate we all were living in a country like Canada. She went on to tell us that in Communist countries like Russia, the people had their lives completely controlled by the government.

How every aspect of their lives was dictated and controlled, how they had no freedoms. How they had no freedom of speech, no freedom of religion. When I look at this country and the United States today, I think things have gotten just as bad here if not worse.

In the event that you are no longer able to find my post here, just look for “Little Moses” I will be spreading this all over the net and any other medium I can think of.

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