July 17, 2024

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Freedom Of Speech and Press; Professional Writers Hate That

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Freedom Of Speech and Press; Professional Writers Hate That

Well now I have seen the ultimate in hypocrisy from the liberals of the world. This time the sub-sector of these socialists are professional writers. One professional public relations shrill-type writer (24-years experience) states that Online Article Submission Sites hold no purpose in a scathing and mean-spirited article. Sure it does it allows freedom of speech, the press and expression for amateur writers like me.

But this professional free-lance public relations health and fitness industry writer indicates that such sites prevent many writers from charging high fees. Indeed this is true, it is called supply and demand and when a website offers free content with nearly 300,000 articles, then yes that changes supply and lowers costs.

But isn’t that free-enterprise? Yet these Bush Bashing Liberal Writers who cannot make it in the real world of free-enterprise, complain about high-oil prices and supply games with Oil Companies are themselves trying to attack online article submission sites to shore up supplies; but why? So they can make more money and charge higher fees. Hypocrisy!

So, apparently we have protectionism by writers, who will not allow innovation of a new trend to come to market and attacks on freedom of speech, so they can make higher fees? Go to hell, I have the right to write and post my work anywhere I please. That is the American Way, it is my Constitutional Right? How soon the “Freedom of the Press” writers forget. Hypocrisy at its finest with liberal Prozac induced, linear thought writers.

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