May 20, 2024

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Free Lance Professional Writers Hate Amateur Writers

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Free Lance Professional Writers Hate Amateur Writers

Writers are very akin to lawyers trying to protect their domain. They all compete against each other in a way and do not like anyone writing for free or giving away their services to inexpensively. In fact there are Universities, which specialize in Journalism Degrees that many of these professional free-lance writers go to and they learn to write well.

But actually I am the only Free-Lance writer that I know of because I charge nothing, as it is a hobby and write volumes of articles (7000) and my name is Lance. So, all these other so-called Professional Writers who call themselves Free-Lance writers are not doing it for free or going by the name of Lance. But professional writers hate me, because I am doing it for free.

It seems to me that they are afraid and in 27-years in business I have seen this before every time I get into an industry, the associations and practitioners hate the new comer who does it differently then them. But you would think a bunch of truly liberal writers would see the light, as they claim to be so Enlightened!

No, they are protectionists, putting down the up and coming, because they cannot handle the competition. How pathetic really, so worried about an amateur that is not With Them? My question to the writing industry and Professional Writers; You weaklings is that all you got?

I am not impressed with you pretenda-professionalism, your high-fees, your lack of work ethic, your low-outputs and quite frankly some of your stuff is good I grant you, but it is not That Good. You are going to have to deal with the amateur writers, because the real Free-Lance Writer just stood up!

Consider this in 2006.

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