June 18, 2024

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Equality and Courting in a Relationship

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Equality and Courting in a Relationship

Are you confused about women’s lib, want to earn a big paycheck, but still want your car door opened? Equality and courting are not mutually exclusive and exist side by side in the best relationships.

Equality and Courting in a Relationship:

  1. Equality refers to opportunity; it is very different than courting. Courting happens in the heart, equality happens in the brain. Courting bypasses the brain. When a man opens a car door for a woman there is male/female exchange of energy; he feels more male and she feels more female.
  2. When we try to be the same as a man, we deny ourselves the enjoyment of being a woman. Although we may come into this world as either male or female, unless we enjoy who we are, we miss a lot of delight and joy. I do not think our sex is an accident. I know why I am female this time (I have lessons to learn). PS. I could do male standing on my head.
  3. Men are confused about what makes women feel good but we have confused them. And now we don’t like the result. Women need to re-evaluate what feels good to them. In order for there to be chemistry, the male/female polarity needs to be in place. In relationship, when a woman behaves like a man she automatically pulls a more feminine male counterpart and then wonders why a strong, masculine man is not attracted to her.
  4. Men and Women are different and different things make them feel good. Do not try to make a man like your girlfriends, and do not treat a woman like one of the guys. Nothing more needs to be said.
  5. A feeling of equality comes naturally when we have nothing to prove and can simply enjoy the differences.
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