June 18, 2024

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Discrimination in the Workplace – Know Your Rights

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Discrimination in the Workplace – Know Your Rights

A number of laws exist to protect you from discrimination at work in the state of Georgia. If you have been a victim of workplace prejudice or discrimination, you are protected by law and you can seek the help of Georgia lawyers to file a lawsuit. Not sure if you are being discriminated at your workplace? Consider the following factors before you decide – are you being passed over for a promotion although you are qualified and can handle the responsibility or being harassed due to your race, religion or even country of origin? Apart from this, if you find yourself being demoted because after you announce your pregnancy or even find yourself being excluded from training sessions while other coworkers get to utilize the benefits of training, its time you give the discrimination at work a serious thought.

Know How Labor Laws Protect You

Since Georgia is an employment-at-will state, as an employee you need to know you’re your employer could terminate you for any or no reason at all as long as the reason is not discriminatory which is protected by federal or state anti-discrimination statute. Most individuals who are subject to discrimination at work are not aware of their rights and often end up being discriminated against for various reasons. However, as citizens, you need to be aware of your rights so you can fight for them when the need arises. For instance the law protects you against discrimination due to age (if you are between 40 and 70 years of age and find yourself denied job roles or removed from the role for no reason), racial and pregnancy discrimination as well. Also, you need to know that if you work at any company which has 15 or more employees, you are protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights act of 1964.

Personal Injury Attorney Services

If you have been a victim of discrimination at your workplace and need to file a case against your employer, you will need to deal with a number of legal concepts and court procedures you might not be well aware about. However, there are a number of personal injury attorneys who will fight the case on your behalf and assure you a quick settlement of trial.

Although you can file a charge without the services of the employment attorney in the state, you will realize that the procedure is long and tedious for you. The administrative process could be difficult for non-lawyers.

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