May 20, 2024

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David Blain Secret Magic Tricks Exposed

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David Blain Secret Magic Tricks Exposed

With the arrival of the internet, many closeted secrets of professionals have come out in the open. Magic is no exception and many magic secrets of famous magicians have been exposed and revealed. But, how do the magicians take to such exposure of their secrets? Naturally, they are mad and want nothing of it as the rug has been taken away from under their feet. And when the gurus of magic decide to go online with the tricks and secrets that were closely guarded for long, more salt gets rubbed into the wounds of magicians.

It does not end here as here is the kicker. Gurus who have gone online with the trade secrets offer them at a fraction of the cost to wannabe magicians. It is the same information and guidelines they are giving for which the magicians had to pay many times more, perhaps even a fortune to learn.

You can get the secrets magic tricks of David Blain and how he managed levitation which can only be done if you master mentalism. He had done it on the street in front of curious onlookers without any aid or hands. There was no stage or a camouflage to shroud the event or keeps his tricks from not getting exposed. David Blain magic secrets and the secrets of many others have gone online with easy top follow guidelines to make the wannabe magician perform like a pro.

But you will have to practice the steps that are shown online to be able to perform them like a pro. It took years of practice and hard work for David Blain to be what he is today. Secret magic tricks are no more secret these days as the gurus have come out with the shortest possible routes to success in magic performances.

Instead of the roundabout and complex methods, the gurus have come out with easy to follow steps of David Blain and how he performs secret magic tricks. You can master mentalism in easy to follow steps and perform as David Blain does to applauding audiences all over.

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