April 14, 2024

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Data Transfer – An Important Consideration of Web Hosting Companies

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Data Transfer – An Important Consideration of Web Hosting Companies

Let us for a moment think of what web hosting services would be like without the facility of Data Transfer. Well, to be honest, such a point cannot even be thought of, because Data Transfer really is a critical facility for web masters. In fact, coming to think of reasons why webmasters choose certain web hosting services, and you would find that Data Transfer is one of them.

So what is Data Transfer all about, and why should you think twice on choosing a web hosting provider? Basically, data transfer implies to the number of bytes transferred from your site when a visitor visits your site. You would find that this has got a very close correlation to the bandwidth offered to you by your web hosting provider.

Talk of bandwidth, and one thing you would realize pretty soon is that the Internet is full of tall claims. One of the most ridiculous claims I would have ever seen go by is unlimited bandwidth. I am yet to meet a person on earth who could explain me convincingly as to how web hosting companies could offer unlimited bandwidth. It is good to hear, but strange really to believe.

What gets me really suspicious about these claims is the fact that it is so unaffordable for a company to give you unlimited bandwidth. Assume a web hosting company has “X” GB of bandwidth space, and also assume it offers “Unlimited bandwidth” to its customers. By technical definition alone, this would translate to offering the customers bandwidth to the total space they have. Is it possible? Not really, and thus you may be required to read the fine print.

Talk of data transfer, and this is one aspect which should bug a lot of individuals. Of course, people always have the option of going to the reputed web hosting providers because in all probability, you would find that they are genuine with their claims. And they would not make claims on Unlimited bandwidth.

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