June 19, 2024

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Crude Oil Sellers in Nigeria

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Crude Oil Sellers in Nigeria

Nigeria produces the kind of crude oil referred to as bonny light. It is one of the best crude oil in the world because it is easy to refine as a result of its low sulfur content. Due to this factor, a lot of buyers from around the world are always interested in Nigeria petroleum. But the problem these buyers have is the inability to discover the right place to go.

Every business has due process and in order to be successful, you need to follow the due process. This is the case with buying petroleum from Nigeria. You should bear in mind that Nigeria petroleum is sold in barrels. The minimum amounts of barrels most sellers are willing to supply are usually 2 to 4 millions of barrels monthly. This is done through TTT basis and TTO basis. The price is the same with the one set by OPEC.

When you must have made up your mind that you want to purchase light petroleum and you have the funds available, then there are few genuine crude sellers you can purchase your black gold from. You will need to connect with an intermediary broker. An intermediary broker will help you to find the best deals with the NNPC. NNPC is a government agency in Nigeria responsible for the sell of petroleum. There are many petroleum sellers who work as staff for NNPC. You will easily get allocation if you deal with their staffs. There are terms of service involved and you need to follow it.

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