June 18, 2024

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Capacity Manager Work Processes

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Capacity Manager Work Processes

Enterprises that employ a capacity manager do so with an eye to improving how they make use of their storage resources. This specialized professional enables IT personnel to perform specific activities relating to how such resources are used. These activities include service, business and resource capacity management.

Service capacity management itself encompasses several sub-processes. It involves the monitoring, analysis, tuning and reporting of the performance of the current service capacity infrastructure. By doing so, it is able to help manage the demand for such services. In addition, the managers can help resource management personnel craft profiles and baselines for the use of these services.

Secondly, a capacity manager also enables the management of business storage and capacity. This process involves the determining of future business requirements in order for management to prepare to fill these future needs. As such, it involves the forecasting and trending of these future needs, as well as their prototyping and the determining of their size and scope.

Lastly, storage capacity management also has a dimension for managing resources. As such, this service seeks to monitor, run, analyze and report on how various resource components are being utilized by companies. In addition, such initiatives also seek to enable companies to establish profiles and baselines for the use of particular components.

These capacity manager processes are employed to work on ‘raw materials’ – input such as technology, business and IT plans, and financial plans – in order to generate necessary output such as effectiveness reviews and capacity reports, in order to help companies make better use of their resources.

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