June 19, 2024

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Build Your Own Shed – 5 Golden Rules You Must Follow When Building Your Own Shed

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Build Your Own Shed – 5 Golden Rules You Must Follow When Building Your Own Shed

To build your own shed is a rewarding DIY activity. There are 5 Golden Rules which you must follow when building your own shed, and they are listed here. Provided you choose a good shed design, and don’t overlook any of the steps mentioned, you are well on your way to successfully building your own shed.

Golden Rule Number 1 – Make sure you comply with zoning ordinances

Many people don’t think of a shed as a ‘building’, and so don’t realize that they need permission to erect one. Each local authority has its own set of rules. Make sure you check with your zoning ordinances, and ensure that you have the permission for your shed design to build the shed you want. If you don’t, your local authority can, and probably will, make you take it down again. Don’t try and take chances with this – and you will save yourself time and money in the long run.

Golden Rule Number 2 – Make sure your shed is suitable for what you are going to use it for

Let’s say you are planning to use your shed partly for storage of your leisure and garden equipment, and partly as a work space. Make sure that you choose a shed design which is large enough, and which has what you need. Questions to ask include, ‘do I need windows?’ – the answer is ‘no’ if you are just going to use the shed for storage, and ‘absolutely yes’ if you are going to use it as a work space – you will need the light and the ventilation. When you build your own shed, think ahead, and make sure the shed design you choose will meet all your needs.

Golden Rule Number 3 – Your shed design should be in harmony with your home and property

When you are looking for a shed design, don’t overlook the design of your home. Just because a shed is functional, does not mean it cannot enhance the attractiveness of your property. Choose something which will be in harmony with the buildings that are there, and avoid designs which will clash with your architecture. There are many shed designs to choose from – if you are willing to spend the time, this is one of the 5 Golden Rules you must follow when you build your own shed, so that the final result will be both attractive and useful.

Golden Rule Number 4- Bear in mind your level of expertise, and choose appropriate plans

When building your own shed, bear in mind your limitations. If you have never done any building before, look for shed designs which are easy to understand – you should be able to envision each step of the process from reading them. Don’t be put off by lack of experience – many novices have built sheds from scratch with absolutely no experience. Provided your shed design is good, you will be able to build a shed that is right for your needs.

Golden Rule Number 5 – Go for Quality

It is tempting to take short-cuts and buy the cheapest materials available. This is not recommended. It is particularly important to look for good shed design if you are in areas which experience heavy snow and rain. A leaky shed can wreak havoc with the property you store there. Poor quality materials do not last long, and look tatty very quickly. If you are going to the trouble of building your own shed, the follow the Golden Rule of quality. This way you can ensure that you shed is reliable and functional, as well as attractive for years to come.

If you do your homework, and work methodically from a good shed design, following these 5 Golden Rules, there is no reason why you cannot build your own shed successfully.

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