June 18, 2024

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Basketball Recruited Athletes – Get Scholarship Offer(s) By Keeping Coaches Interested in You

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Basketball Recruited Athletes – Get Scholarship Offer(s) By Keeping Coaches Interested in You

If you find yourself as a basketball recruited athlete and you are not quite sure how to make sure coaches stay interested in signing you, this article can help. Getting initial letters and phone calls from college coaches is just the beginning of the process and you need to take all the right steps to make sure coaches don’t lose interest in you.

Here are my recommended action steps:

1 – Don’t Assume You Will Get A Scholarship Offer

Coaches usually recruit around 5 players (or more) for each position they have available. Just because they have sent you a letter or made a phone call to you does not mean they will actually offer you a scholarship at some point and time in the future.

2 – Don’t Make The Coach Wonder About Your Interest

If you have an interest in signing with a coach after he or she makes contact with you as a basketball recruited athlete, stay in communication with them. Send them periodic updates about your progress and the progress of your team. Let them know you are still interested.

3 – Don’t Burn Any Bridges

Even though you may think you have no real interest in a college, don’t burn your bridges too soon. Keep all your options open until you make a final decision. Some basketball recruited athletes dismiss colleges early in the process and then never get an offer from any other school…what a mistake!

4 – Stay Focused

Once your recruitment begins, it’s time to start working harder and not letting up. Don’t get lazy on the court or in the classroom. Until coaches make an offer, they will be evaluation you closely.


If you take these simple steps as a basketball recruited athlete, you can keep your options open as you hopefully continue to get more and more interest from college coaches. If you are not being recruited at all, or you are receiving very little interest from coaches, I suggest you start making direct contact with college coaches. You can make that happen with an athletic resume and a personal letter to coaches. If you can play at their division level, coaches will be happy to hear from you.

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