June 2, 2023

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Are Female Bosses As Good As Men?

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One of the most controversial issues facing the business world is whether female bosses can perform as well as men. Undoubtedly, the answer is yes. Not only can female bosses perform as well as men, but they often perform better than men according to research from some of the world’s top business schools. According to a recent New York Times article, female bosses are more apt to collaborate and have a democratic attitude than men. This makes for a more positive working environment for both men and women.

That same article cited research which showed women are more encouraging of employees than men. By encouraging employees, female bosses are able to achieve greater productivity from employees. Employees feel more motivated and inspired to do their best in a workplace for a female boss who encourages people.

Research also shows that women are more efficient in completing tasks in the workplace. They are more efficient in assigning duties to employees and seeing the work gets done. They are also more apt to mentoring employees in the workplace, which means that employees stay with a business for longer periods of time.

Joanna Barsh is the author of one of the leading books addressing equality in the workplace. Her book, “How Remarkable Women Lead,” discovered that women have a positive impact on the workplace through emotion. When women use emotion in a positive way to lead, they have a powerful impact on employees in the workplace. As natural relationship builders, women are also able to build relationships with clients that last for years.

Ms. Barsh did find one area in which women can improve their skills as leaders to achieve equality in the workplace. Women tend to multitask even when completing major tasks, such as giving presentations to employees. Instead of multitasking, women should learn to focus on one major task at a time. This will allow women to become even more effective leaders. Men are only able to focus on doing one task at a time, which means they can be incredibly effective in giving dynamic presentations to employees in a workplace.

Some women are also able to become effective leaders by encouraging dynamic and open minded thinking from employees. Women are able to encourage open minded thinking without the “old boys” jokes as well. Rather than sit around a conference table and tell jokes, women can get a group of employees on task in a direct manner. Women have a direct way about them which makes them effective leaders in the business world.

Lastly, women managers tend to have a positive impact on subordinate employees. Experts have found that women managers are more likely to fight harder for subordinate employees to receive higher salaries.

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