June 18, 2024

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A Short Story of Glendora, an Amazing, Persistent Community Television Producer!

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A Short Story of Glendora, an Amazing, Persistent Community Television Producer!

What do you remember about Glendora? I’m not talking about the town of Glendora in California. The Glendora that I’m speaking about is the one that is famous for the long-running community television show called, “A Chat with Glendora”. Behind this show is the glowing portrait of a woman who is known for her persistence, and her all-around creativity, Glendora Vesta Folsom Buell.

This lady knows television and television knows this lady in a way that the world will always remember. Tune in to any of the sixty cities in America, where Glendora’s show airs on a regular basis and you will see what I mean.

Glendora is that, and I’ll quote, “singular, persistent and unstoppable”! She has truly dedicated a huge part of her life to God, and to television but also to helping those around her -near and far. Besides being a willing helper, an all-around mentor, Glendora is and has been, for decades, a community television producer, director, and actress. The producer of this longest-running community television show is a unique kind of actress in that she deals in truth, justice, humor and in the American way. She and her show promote freedom of speech in the utmost, fabulous way, giving many people their voice when their voices might not have been heard.

Being a person who promotes veganism, and vegetarianism, Glendora began her own Vegetarian club many years ago. Besides promoting vegetarianism, Glendora’s programs feature topics that are very necessary in our world. She talks about animals, and kindness. She dares to say the “G” word, talking about God, and about how God affects our world. She dares to spread kindness and dares to, even, share good positive information in a world that seems focused on chaos and the dark side. Glendora is a slow, shining light of hope in the hustle-bustle world of television.

Now, Glendora, today, continues to grow with the times and with technology, and even some of her views might be considered, “old-fashioned”, we all know that the need for her point of view is huge. Imagine if people all over the world were just like Glendora? Not exactly like her but like her in the respect that they promoted the same ideas, the same ideals and the same principals? Imagine her way of life, being a Vegan and her way of dealing with the world spread out all over? Perhaps we might see a more peaceful world, a world where singing the psalms, and hymns would be as welcome as singing the latest rock songs.

Just imagine that. Oh, and by the way, as you probably knew, Glendora is a senior citizen, and a very popular one at that. She’s been around, on television, for decades. And she’s unique in the manner that she began with mainstream television and later in life, went on to do community television.

And, according to those who know her and according to her own web pages, Glendora began the popular kids’ show, “The SS Glendora” back in the fifties. It aired on WRGB TV in Schenectady, New York, USA. So, this present-day, talk show host, physicist, actress, Vegan, sponsored by Milton Bradley back then. And only because Milton Bradley decided to sponsor Captain Kangaroo, Glendora’s show was cancelled at that time. That didn’t stop Glendora nor did it keep Glendora off television.

Today, her programs still air, and they air in over 59 cities across America. If you look into the archives for her old shows, back when she was doing programming for children, you’d find Glendora’s third television show for children on WRGB 6 in Schenectady. She was there in the 1950’s on WRGB, and she was also on the set of Glendora with her Picture Party. If you know Glendora, then you know and remember the museum that still exists today.

If you want to reach Glendora, that’s easy, just telephone her and most likely you will get her on the phone. Smile because you are in for some humor and who knows, she might even sing for you, some day.

Watch Glendora in a city near you. You’ll be smiling for weeks as you go down memory lane with all the years, rather, decades that Glendora has been, “on air”!

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